Finding the perfect printer can be tough.  With all the different equipment, materials, and specialization to choose from, a production manager can spend almost half of their alloted time on a project just choosing the right vendor.

About 30 years ago, one Chicago family with a long history in the print industry began to wonder if there was an easier way:

  1. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to fit the right printing equipment to the job, rather than fitting the job to the wrong equipment?

  2. What if you could take all your print jobs to just one source?

  3. Could this be done and still save money for the customer?

Determined to find a way to streamline the printing industry, they founded ARLA Graphics.  Ever since, ARLA Graphics has been working directly with producers and buyers, taking charge of projects from beginning to end - with care and personal attention that only a family business can provide.

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